Friday, 9 December 2016

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5 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Dad

If your woodworker Dad is really happy when you gift him something related to his field, why not make him happy with a work-related gift? It's sure to light up his day and imagine how much easier he's going to be working with a little help from these tools. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas that will make his Big Day really wonderful. You choose from these:

1. Black & Decker BDCDMT 120 Matrix 20v Drill: Inexpensively priced this drill has an innovative feature, the Matrix Quick Connect System that allows users to add different heads for a variety of jobs and applications. Its powerful 20v MAX* provides as much power as required for a range of attachments and applications. This drill works on a lithium ion battery which can hold a charge for 18 months at a time. It is also lightweight and compact, so users can use them in tightly confined spaces with ease.

2. Small and silent air compressor: Perhaps you're aware that many woodworking tools use compressed air. So, it helps to have a couple of air compressors around. The Senco PC 1010 or Senco 1280 make good gifts for woodworkers. These are small but can drive nail guns and a brad nailer too. They work very silently and are portable too. Each compressor costs $109.

3. Bosch Jigsaw: If your woodworker Dad has been using jigsaws of lower quality, it's time to gift him something really nice. How about a good jigsaw, say a Bosch? To date, it is still considered the best. It could be a great asset to him in his shop and for other projects. Price: $68.30. 

4. Veritas Wheel Marking Gauge with Micro Adjust: Among all necessary tools in a woodworking outfit, the wheel marking gauge has its own place of importance. So, if your Dad could do with one, it would make a good Christmas gift this year. A good one to go with is the one by Veritas. Its hardened steel wheel cuts finely through wood, instead of tearing the wood chunk. Besides, woodworkers needn't worry about going off a definite grain line. This gauge also comes with a micro-adjust feature that enables all woodworkers to use it. Price: $36.50.

5. Clamps: Any woodworker will tell you of the importance of having the maximum number of clamps. In fact, the more the merrier. Of course, you could also have some bad clamps among the good ones, so take care. Even if you just buy one pair of clamps, make them good ones. One good brand worth a recommendation is QuickGrips. These clamps are really good as one-handed ones and are a boon to have in a woodworker's shop. A 12″ length works well for woodworkers, so it is advisable to gift your Dad a few of these.


These are but a sampling of gift ideas for your woodworker Dad. There are many more ideas out there, but why not try these out first?

Author Bio: Manisha Kumar is a versatile writer and editor of She loves blogging about home décor and home improvement. When she is not blogging, she is watching movies or cooking her favourite recipies. 

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