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Knwo About Christmas Movies

There are only a couple of really, true family holidays- the type of holiday where most people stay home, use them as a time to be with each other, instead of celebrating another three -day weekend. Christmas is one of these holidays. They are chances to do nice things for each other, give gifts and do things together. It used to be that families would pick -out and cut down trees together. However, with changing times we have adopted new customs. Many choose to stay inside, away from the cold, and watch movies together. With help from Satellite TV Local we put together this list of movies you can share with your family this holiday season.

1) A Christmas Story

Probably one of the funniest, most original Christmas stories ever. More families watch this movie at Christmastime than any other. It has been an instant classic since it was released in 1983. The story follows a little boy named Ralphie as he tries to convince the adults in his life to get him a Red Ryder B. B. gun. A film about children, but made for adults. Even though kids will thoroughly enjoy this movie, adults will understand the movie at a much deeper level.

2) Elf

The most recent movie on this list is Elf, one of the greatest movies Will Ferrell has ever made. Will Ferrell plays Buddy, a human who was raised at the North Pole with Santa's Elves. When he wreaks havoc on the Elf village, because of his size, he is sent to the U.S. --in search of his true identity. Landing in New York City, he is a bigger social misfit, than he was a physical one at the North Pole. Lots of laughs take place as he reunites with his parents.


3) Home Alone

A fun adventure that takes place when Kevin's,( played by Macaulay Culkin,) family departs for Christmas Vacation and accidently forgets him. Kevin has to defend his home from two burglars, played by Joe Pecsi and Danny Stern. The film is quite unrealistic but delivers a bunch of laughs and is a fun ride. Its a great family- film, best enjoyed around Christmastime.

4) Scrooged

This movie has been remade several times, giving you the option to watch a different version every year. This is a wonderful tale of a greedy rich man who is visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve. Each spirit takes him back to a different part of his life so that he may learn some lessons. Based off the book a Christmas Carol, it is one of the most popular renditions featuring Bill Murray and also has many laughs. It is a great movie to put you in the holiday mood and will teach your children some good values at the same time.

5) Miracle on 34th street

A movie that has been remade several times after its first release in 1947. It is a heartwarming tale of a girl and attorney ,who team up to prove that an old man really is Santa Clause. It is a warm, decent, traditional film about courage, faith and hope, that motivates one to fight against evil and protect good. This is truly a film for the whole family to enjoy. A must for every family that enjoys Christmas. The original film features Edmund Gwenn and Maureen O Hara. The most recent remake was done in 1994 featuring Richard Attenborough, Elizabeth Perkins, and Dylan McDermott.

There you have it --five of the best Christmas movies ever made. There are plenty more out there, but every Christmas family should have these on their list. What Christmas movies are on your watchlist this year?

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