Tuesday, 20 September 2016

# Christmas History

The Religious History of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated in America and in many other parts of the world as a season of gift giving, holiday feasts and a time of good cheer. But, Christians believe the real reason for the season is the birth of the Christ Child, Jesus.

To study the history of Christmas we have to go back more than 4.000 years, centuries before Jesus was born. But, traditions say that Christmas as we know it, has been celebrated since the year 98 AD. It wasn’t until 350 AD that December 25th was chosen as the official observance of Christmas but the exact day of Jesus’ birth has never been determined.

The Bible says Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth when Mary was visited by an angel who told her she was to give birth to a child who was the Son of God and was to be named Jesus.

To escape a tax being levied by the emperor, Mary and Joseph fled to Bethlehem on a donkey. When they arrived, Mary was great with child but they could not find lodging except in a stable where the virgin birth was given.

A great star appeared in the heavens with angels declaring “Fear not, a Savior has been born who is Christ the Lord. His birthday is still celebrated today.”

Don’t forget to teach your children the real reason for Christmas. And if you don’t have little ones at home anymore, make sure you take the time to remember His birthday, too. Here are some ways I help make it fun for my kids to connection the dots between “Christmas” and “Christ:”

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