Friday, 18 December 2015

# Christmas Tree

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree – Real OR Artificial!

At the holidays we gather the family and sing “Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas Tree, thy leaves are so unchanging.” Whether your tree is unchanging because it’s artificial or freshly green from the forest, the tree is a centerpiece of Christmas holiday decorations.

Choosing the right Christmas tree is more than an impulse buy. You have to consider several factors such as:

Size – A huge tree in a small room is totally out of place. Measure the height of the room and the maximum diameter of the space where the tree will be located. Remember that the height given on the sticker of the live tree does not include the base. Your tree base may be another 6-10 inches from the floor. You also have to allow room for a topper on the tree. A tree that scraps the ceiling looks crowded and overwhelming in a room. For example:

Room height 8 feet minus 6” tree stand, minus 6” star top = 6 to 6.5 foot tree height

Check the tree diameter so that the tree fits well in to the room chosen. Don’t guess! Bring a tape measure with you when shopping for your perfect Christmas tree.

Type – Whether you like the branches of Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine or Blue Spruce, you can find this look in both live trees and artificial trees. A high quality artificial tree is a good value that’s used for years and read to decorate anytime you are. A live tree is an annual expense that’s discarded after a few weeks. If you dislike wasting the tree and the resources used to grow it, you can shop at a tree farm where the tree roots are wrapped. Keep it well watered and you can plant the tree later.

Shape – A live tree can be pruned after you get it home if you do so carefully. An artificial tree is not so easily changed. For people who live in smaller spaces or for the office, you can get a slim style artificial tree that is dense yet compact in diameter. Artificial trees are made with evenly distributed branches for decorating. Live trees are just as nature made them. If you prefer the natural tree look, then you can add extra decorations to the bare spot.

Coordinating with the room – Some types of trees fit better in a formal living room than a casual den. Consider how the shape and color of the tree will look in your room. You might want a rustic, not exactly perfect tree for the family room and a perfectly manicured tree for the living room.

Before you shop for any tree, particularly a large tree, plan how you will get it home. Even large artificial trees come in big boxes. A large live tree hanging out the trunk can easily be broken or damaged if not well supported. If you can’t find a pickup truck to carry a large live tree, bring a sturdy board to place in the truck and use to rest the tree on. Then secure the tree with strong twine and add a bright red bandana on the end to warn oncoming cars that the tree is closer than they think.

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