Monday, 3 August 2015

# Christmas-Gift

RC Robotic Dragonfly or Fairyfly Toys Are Great for Christmas!

Does your son or daughter love robotic toys? Then this Christmas, do what I’m doing and get him or her a WowWee RC Robotic Flytech Dragonfly! Dragonflies are a unique type of toy - not your typical dinosaur or dog or other animated animal. The RC Dragonfly comes in blue and green and it flies like a real insect the way its wings flap around. You won’t have to worry about it if it crashes - it’s durable. Kids love the way they can make it fly in tight spaces.

Does your daughter want something a bit more “girlie?” Well WowWee Flytech makes something similar - just for girls - the FairyFly toy! Fairyflies come in pink, purple, yellow, and orange and they fly all around in a similar way to the Dragonfly. You can even get other forms - like butterflies or even Tinkerbell (which would be great with the new Tinkerbell movie that’s out now, too).

I plan to get both my 9-year old son a Dragonfly and my 4-year old daughter a Fairyfly. I think come Christmas morning, they’ll be flying all over the house and in the yard having great fun! Check them out below:

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