Sunday, 5 July 2015

# Christmas Decoration

Toro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Leaf Blower and Vacuum for Christmas

Let’s talk about all of the reasons that it’s good to keep your yard in tip-top shape. First, having a clean, neat yard increases the value of your property. Second, it makes your home a more inviting place for you, your family and your friends. Third, when you keep your yard debris-free, the grass, as well as the garden areas will be healthier and grow better. And fourth, let’s just be honest – you want your yard to look nicer than your neighbor’s yard.

So what does all this mean? Well, of course you have to mow your grass, and it’s nice to plant pretty flowers and keep the shrubs properly trimmed. But what about keeping your yard neat and leaf-free?

As trees go dormant, they drop their leaves all over the place. Yes, the colors are pretty and they do make a cool crunching sound when you walk on them. And the kids love to play and jump in piles of leaves.

But you need to get those leaves off your lawn, for all the reasons listed above. That’s why the Toro 51599 Leaf Blower and Vacuum is such a handy yard tool. You could rake the leaves up.

That’s certainly an option – but it’s time consuming and tiring. Don’t you have better things to do? Why not invest in a quality leaf blower that will gather up your leaves quickly, or vacuum them up, and even shred them for you, making your yard work much easier, and maybe even a little bit fun?

The Toro Ultra 12-amp leaf blower is lightweight, at a mere 7.5 pounds, and because it’s electric, it’s a quieter and cleaner alternative to gas leaf blowers, that also requires less maintenance. With the variable speed motor, you can get air speeds as high as 235 miles per hour, or as low as 112 miles per hour. And it converts from leaf blower to leaf vacuum and shredder without any tools.

If you’re not a fan of having dozens of filled up leaf bags sitting by your curb awaiting yard waste pick up day, you can shred the leaves you’ve blown into piles and fill one yard waste bag of shredded leaves for every sixteen bags you’d fill with unshredded leaves!

If you’re not a fan of spending hours raking a bagging up leaves, or if you’re tempted to just let the leaves sit where they land, get a Toro 51599 Leaf Blower and Vacuum. Don’t let your yard look messy. Keep it neat, attractive and inviting by keeping it clear of leaf debris. Make the outside of your home as attractive and nice as the inside.

The Toro 12-amp leaf blower is easy to handle, versatile, light and quiet, making it perfect for use by anyone. It can handle large leaf and debris volumes easily, and makes any clean up job quick. And don’t forget that the Toro 51599 makes a great gift for people who like to keep their yard looking great, or for a great housewarming or holiday gift for a new homeowner. 

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