Sunday, 4 November 2007

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Are You Into Artificial Christmas Trees?

I’m torn between getting an artificial Christmas tree and a real one.  We usually have a real one as our main Christmas tree and smaller artificial Christmas trees for the additional ones we have placed throughout the house.

I can’t even decide between a flocked Christmas tree and a green one and each year, it becomes a squabble between us.  Flocked ones last longer, but they droop faster because of the weight of the flocking material. Artificial Christmas trees would last longest, but then you don’t get that Christmas tree smell.

One thing I do love are the unique artificial Christmas trees like the ones made of nothing but feathers, the soft pink colors and those that are pre-lit and you can place them in your yard or on the porch. I suppose there’s no right or wrong way to have a Christmas tree.

If you do invest in an artificial Christmas tree, make sure you have a storage bag or box to put it in so that it will stay in good shape throughout the years.  I remember the year after my parents got divorced, my dad wasn’t in too much of a celebratory mood. So my sister and I got down a 5 foot tall artificial Christmas tree my parents had that was missing branches and what were left were bent and extremely phony looking. This was in the 1970s, mind you.

My dad loved how we decorated it with paper ornaments we spent all day creating and he had tears in his eyes when he saw that we had wrapped household items to put under the tree (our wrapping paper was old newspapers).  It made him realize that life goes on and he eventually perked up and got in the Christmas spirit. I still love that little artificial Christmas tree for what it was able to do that year.


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