Tuesday, 23 October 2007

# Christmas Decoration

What’s Your Christmas Decoration Style?

I’ll confess - my mom thinks my family lacks a certain elegance when it comes to Christmas decoration in the home and yard. That’s okay - she loves me anyway. And I love visiting her home where the trimmings are awe-inspiring and could rival Martha Stewart any day, but for us - the gawdier the better!

My Christmas decoration plans begin from the inside-out. We start by getting out all of the staples we use each year, like wall hangings, door covers, stockings, and more. My husband goes around and puts multi-colored lights up on the ceiling all around the rooms, so we look like the inside of a local Tex-Mex restaurant. But I love the colorful glow.

The very second we feel we wouldn’t be ashamed to put outdoor Christmas decorations up, they’re up. Like right after Thanksgiving dinner, so be exact. We spare no time in filling our home (and our hearts) with Christmas spirit! 

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