Tuesday, 23 October 2007

# Christmas Decoration

Christmas Light Displays in the Home and Yard!

…And let’s not forget about the roof! Christmas light displays are what makes you smile.  There are all kinds of Christmas lights and yes, every family puts them all to good use.

christmas light

You have a mix of Christmas light displays that are fun in nature, like the inflatable Santa with an inner light to the Reindeer and Snowman whose light-filled hineys move to the sound of music.  You also have a Santa popping up out of our roof whose fake chimney is lit up so you can see Old Saint Nick.

People like those large old-fashioned Christmas bulbs in multi-colors, so those line their home and garage.  But they also liked the trend of icicle lights and of course, being the Griswold’s that they are, they went with multi-colored ones.

People have Christmas light displays in the windows that reflect the real reason for the season, the birth of Jesus, and Christmas lights abound in the form of candles, strands, and more. The main problem they encounter each year is running out of extension cords.

christmas tree light

One thing they love is the clicker they own to turn the outdoor Christmas light displays off from the inside of the house. That’s invaluable to them when they are already in their cozy slippers and pajamas and can’t fathom having to walk outside in the freezing cold to unplug them!  You can also get timers to help you turn your Christmas lights on and off automatically so that you don’t forget.

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