Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Five Top Tips for Ordering Online from Abroad this Christmas

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Sometimes, when you’ve searched and searched online to try and find that perfect Christmas gift, you think you’ve struck gold and finally found a site that has it in stock, only to realise that the store is based overseas.


Usually, buyers give up at this point, not wanting to deal with the hassle of long delivery times, expensive postage, and the potential for things to go wrong.


However, ordering from abroad may not be as bad as you’d think, so here are five of our top tips for this Christmas.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

It goes without saying that ordering from overseas is going to take a lot longer than ordering from a seller domestically.


Depending on the courier used, lots of goods can actually arrive relatively quickly, especially if they’re coming from within the EU, but do make sure that you’re aware of the maximum estimated shipping time.


Especially when you’re ordering for Christmas, the last thing that you want is to order something and find out that it’s not going to arrive for weeks.


You might also want to consider whether you’re going to have time to return the item if there’s anything wrong with it when it arrives.

Watch Out for Hidden Fees

While a seller should always be upfront about any fees that you might incur, it’s important to know sort of costs you could be hit with when buying from overseas.


When your item comes through customs, you may have to pay VAT, Customs Duty or Excise duty.


Generally, you’ll have to pay VAT on goods which have been sent from outside of the EU, usually ones which are either alcohol, tobacco, fragrances or gifts worth more than £39.


Customs duty is charged on gifts from outside the EU which are worth over £135, with varying rates and you can also be charged excise duty on alcohol and tobacco from outside the EU. Find out more about these fees and charges at gov.uk.

Will It Work?

It might sound silly, but make sure that whatever you’re buying is actually going to work in your region.


For example, if it’s an electrical good, make sure that it’s compatible with your mains supply.


You should also check the item’s warranty because lots of goods are only covered by warranty in the country which you purchased them from.

Use a Mail Forwarding Service

If the item you want to buy can only be delivered within its own country, and can’t be sent overseas to you, consider using a mail forwarding service, such as Forward2Me.


Mail forwarding services essentially give you a physical address within the country that you’re ordering in, which will receive your goods and then send them on to you.


It’s a good solution when you find something with a seller who doesn’t ship overseas, and they’ll handle everything such as making sure that the goods can be legally and safely shipped to you.


It’s worth considering how easy it’s going to be to communicate with the seller of your item.


While it’s easy enough to exchange money for your goods, what if there are any problems, such as the item not arriving on time or turning up faulty?


If your seller doesn’t speak English this could lead to some real communication problems.


As always, you should ensure that you take steps to be as safe as possible when shopping online, whether from your own country or elsewhere and follow these online shopping safety tips from the Money Advice Service.

3 Great Little Christmas Gifts For Family and Friends

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When it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts, it can be a very difficult task to find the perfect present for your loved ones.

Whether it’s for someone who has it all, for someone you just can’t seem to please or just finding the ideal gift that falls within your price range, there are lots of pitfalls when it comes to present shopping this festive season.

In fact, if you’re not careful, you could find yourself tramping around the high street on Christmas Eve, desperately trying to find the latest cookbook or another cheesy stocking filler game, just so you don’t show up empty-handed on the big day.

So, to give you a helping hand this year, we’ve found three of our favourite little Christmas gifts for families and friends this holiday, so you can find the right present for your nearest and dearest!

Photo Book

A personalised gift is always a winner when it comes to Christmas and a personalised Instagram photo book is a great choice.

Inkifi offers a great range of photo books that can suit any budget and can be customised with the favourite prints of your families and friends.

Made using recycled paper and specifically designed with square Instagram photos in mind, these beautiful and stylish books are a fantastic way to help your loved ones reminisce over their favourite memories.

You could opt for a ‘Year in Review’ photo book and use photos from their past year, or perhaps customise it according to a theme, such as milestone events.

Hamper Box

Another great personal gift is putting together a hamper of all of their favourite things for them to enjoy over the holiday season.

You can choose a festive hamper full of Christmas treats or just stick to the basics and include all of their favourite food and drink. Alternatively, for a more luxurious gift, why not add some glamourous bath and beauty products so they can really treat themselves?

The best part about this gift is that it can be fully customised and can be arranged to suit any budget, large or small!

For a really personal touch, add in a bit of DIY, or play it safe with a DIYdedicated hamper company.

Experience Day

Finally, Virgin Experience Days offer a great range of gifts to choose from and offer experiences across a wide range of categories.

You can choose gifts for him, her, couples and families, and filter according to location, different interests, and by price range, meaning you can really personalise the experience to your loved ones.

It also has a specific Christmas range full of ideas, so you’re bound to find something for your friends and family, no matter their interests.

Whether you want to help them master a new skill, encourage their adrenaline addiction, or just to take some time out and relax, there’s plenty to choose from.

So, we hope these suggestions have given you a bit of inspiration for your Christmas shopping this year, whatever you’re looking for!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

3 Great Gifts To Send This Christmas

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Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that it is well and truly Christmas shopping season. The festive displays are up, there are only a few weeks left, and it’s time to start thinking of gifts if you haven’t already.

Christmas is a time of giving and seeing the faces of those you love light up as they unwrap that perfect gift you’ve picked out for them. 

However, not all of your nearest and dearest are always as geographically near as they are close to your heart. This doesn’t mean you need to leave them out of the gift giving fun though, as with a little bit of extra thought there are plenty of things that are easy to pop in the post!

To help you out we’ve put together three of our favourite xmasideas for great gifts that are easy to send this Christmas!
Christmas Gifts

Christmas Flowers

A bouquet of beautiful blooms is always gratefully received, and, allergies aside, flowers are one of those gifts that you simply can’t go far wrong with.

We particularly love this beautiful Christmas Love fresh bouquet of alstroemeria from Flower Card, as it will perfectly complement whatever decorations your chosen recipient has put up for the festive season!

The great thing about ordering these blooms is there’s no need for you to get involved in the posting process or worry that they won’t still be fresh when they arrive, simply provide their address, add your own personalised message, and enjoy guaranteed delivery! 

Marshmellow Toasting Kit

Know someone with a sweet tooth? This marshmallow toasting kit makes the perfect gift for someone who likes something a bit unique, or perhaps somebody who loves camping.

Featuring two flavours of gourmet marshmallows and a very clever gel burner that is non-toxic and smokeless, as well as a guide on how to toast the perfect marshmallow, this kit is a real treat.

The gel burner will burn for two hours, or you can pop the lid back on and leave it to cool and reuse it! Perfect for indoor marshmallow toasting, or perhaps even a camping trip!

It all comes in a nice neat box, making it easy to post, and you can even buy extra marshmallows for the kit if you simply can’t choose only two of the available flavours.

Sound Sensitive Light up Glasses

A true novelty gift and one that is suitable for both the younger friends and family, and perhaps any adults who were ravers in their day, these sound sensitive light up glasses are really rather cool, and a bit of fun.

They’re super easy to pop in the post, and your chosen recipient can enjoy them long after the Christmas parties are all over, as they are rechargeable! Perfect to hang on to until festival season.

They feature strips of LED lights which flash to the beat of music and feature different settings for different situations and occasions.

We hope this has given you some inspiration for gifts to give to those people who are a little further away this festive season!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Christmas - Time to Get Huge Discount on Electrical Appliances!

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With the advancement of technology, you can find more sophistication in the electrical appliances these days due to innovations taking place. What is a better time to buy these appliances and replace the old ones? Well, undoubtedly, as Christmas is approaching and nothing can be better than this festive season.

Buying an electrical appliance during Christmas gives more joy to homemaker as compared to buying them any other time. Besides this, you can find multiple electrical appliances for home use available at huge discounts. This means you can save money and grab your hands on the latest electrical appliance. Before opting for any electrical appliance, it is important to consider a few things.

Selection of The Right Size:

Consider the space available in your kitchen, or a place where you want to install it before you make a final choice of the electrical appliance. A large oven or a fridge in a small kitchen can offer a cluttered look. Opting for a small appliance can be equally frustrating, as this might not serve the purpose on a whole. Balance both the factors of requirement and space beforehand while choosing a specific electrical appliance. The important factor here is knowing your need for buying an appliance, which fits this criterion.

Color Coordination:

Factoring in the overall design and theme of a kitchen is another important consideration before you decide on a specific appliance. Chosen in an intelligent manner, an electrical appliance can not only be helpful in your day-to-day chores but also enhance the overall look of the space. You need to be aware that colors do have an impact on the mood and the environment of a home, so make a choice keeping this in mind.


Just because you are being offered a specific electrical appliance at a huge discount, it does not mean you have to buy it. You need to ensure the functionality factor. Think about how the appliance can increase your level of comfort in day-to-day living. These days appliances are available with multi-functions, you need to ensure what is required and what is not and then make a choice.

Cost Factor:

Though you might get an electrical appliance at a discounted rate due to the approaching festival, you need to consider how much you will be paying for the maintenance and running of this appliance. In addition, how much of a dent is being caused by your budget. Plan out all the expenses associated with the appliance before you shop for the same.

Energy Saving Factor:

Most electrical appliances manufactured nowadays are available with the energy saving actor. Ensure you opt for the one with maximum energy saving i.e. 5 stars or 7 stars, as this saves on the utility bills and helps you contribute to the environment in your own way.

Advantages of Discounted Electrical Appliances:

Most of us opt for discount electrical appliances due to the many benefits. Let us go through some of them.
  • Not only those who love cooking but also even for a routine cooking, electrical appliances tend to work as life-saviors. They tend to make things like chopping, cutting, and grinding more convenient and easy. These appliances make cooking as ‘fun’.
  • With the hectic lifestyle followed by most of us, electrical appliances save a lot of time, which is otherwise required even for the day-to-day chores.
  • These appliances are easy to use as all you need is to switch them on or off in accordance with the requirement.
Comfort is always welcome in any sphere of life. Hence, look for the discount electrical appliances online, as you may find a number of websites offering them at discounted rates. You have a wider choice and opting for the one according to your requirement gets easier.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Tips from Lawn Suppliers

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The upcoming winter season brings us a great fuss about Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It is the time to decorate the outside and the inside of the house to a great extent. There are certain tips that one can get from the Lawn suppliers to enhance the appearance of the house during Christmas in an easy and hassle-free manner. One of the most important factors includes creativity that would go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users.

Christmas Light Balls:

These light balls are one of the most used Christmas outdoor decoration items which are quite unique and attractive. Light balls are placed across different locations of the lawn during Christmas to create a festive atmosphere. With all the glitz and razzmatazz, it is brought out by the walls enmeshed in chicken wires. Combination of different colors ensures that the LED mini lights are wounded in an eclectic mix and would go a long way in enhancing the appearance of the lawn and home.

An Introduction to Animation of Tree Lights:

A halo of animation can be introduced through tree lights. It will not only shine bright but also become the focal point of the yard decoration. In fact, using a basket ball Pole is an innovative idea to make the house stand out from all the other homes in the neighborhood. C7 light strings hung using gutter hooks are also popular Christmas decoration item among homeowners. They are commonly used in Christmas decorations because they enhance the external appeal of the home. One can also add twinkle bulbs with regular ones to impart animation to the tree landscape.

Outdoor Christmas Tree:

Outdoor Christmas tree is the only one of its kind. Presence of evergreen trees on the lawn allows the users to add an array of lights across the stems and the leaves. They flash throughout the night and become the cynosure of all eyes.

Topiary Animals:

Lawn suppliers suggest the homeowners to install the lighted animal replicas on the grass. They are in fact nestled near the bush to make you experience the feel of Christmas during the 50’s. In the artificial greenery, the lighted reindeers seem to graze in an impeccable style. Warm LED lights in the back ground are used to create a real carnival-like atmosphere inside the house. Presence of the artificial topiary animals signifies the delicate balance between nature and the modern life.

In addition, creating Christmas message with mini lights can go a long way and is the perfect option to wish everyone. In order to make it impressive, one should leave black out caps to create spaces between the letters.

Sled On the Lawn:

It is one of the best and oldest ways to capture the attention of the children. Place the sled on the lawn and fill it with gifts at night to make your kids believe that Santa is real and has left gifts for them.

You can contact reputed suppliers who can provide new artificial lawns for the Christmas. Make sure that they have an impressive list of clients because amateur suppliers might not be able to meet the expectations of the customers.

Multi colored lights enmeshed with the trees are quite popular among the home owners. Before you decorate the lawn,  mow it all and remove all the weeds and debris. Clean the surroundings of lawn and decorate them with shiny lights to transform the mood and absorb the negative energy from your home. You can also install topiary ornaments on the lawn to enhance the beauty of it.

Friday, 28 April 2017

The Joys of Christmas

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Christmas is a time for family. A time for the family to come together and create memories. In today’s hectic society it has become harder and harder for families to get together. Many families must gather in small groups at different times instead of everyone gathering all at once. The family bonds that we have and our desire to cherish in each other’s lives shows with how we still make sure these get-togethers happen, even with our lives being hectic.

The Joys of Christmas

For many, the children are what makes the holidays the joyous times that they are. Some enjoy getting to spend time sitting back and watching the children run around and play. For others, it is the time spent sharing their stories of the past year. There are those that love to just sit back and watch the joy and excitement on the children’s faces as they open their gifts Christmas morning. And for others, it’s the time spent around the table eating dinner and snacking on the sweet Christmas treats.

Creating a Christmas menu that will please everyone is always a challenge. The age range of those that will be attending has a significant effect on what will be on the menu. It wasn’t long ago when this would not matter. The meals served were the families traditional holiday meals. These meals were served with the same items that were served in the year’s pass. Traditional family recipes were passed on to each new generation. The closer the age range the less variety there needs to be on the menu. The wider the range the large the selection needs to be to appease everyone.

Picking snacks and treats can be a lot of fun when children are included in the cooking. Spending time creating treats and snacks is always fun. The creativeness of children always makes the process interesting. Five of the most common treats are making cookies designed in different Christmas themed shapes. Building gingerbread houses. Taking brownies and making them shaped as Christmas trees or using them to make brownie suckers. Marshmallows are very versatile. They can be used to make a variety of different treats. A common one is a snowman. One of the oldest traditions is stringing popcorn to on the Christmas tree. Now it may be for the tree but what makes it a snack is all the popcorn that gets eaten instead getting put on the string.

Shopping for Christmas is a task that can be tremendous fun or rather challenging. Some people are easy to buy for while other can a challenge. Children have become challenging. It used to be that there were only a few toys a year that came out that all the kids would get all excited about and want more than anything. Now there are dozens of toys coming out each year that it makes it a challenge to figure out which one your child wants. With so many toys it is hard not to buy more toys than you should. A good way to save money is to look online for discounts and coupons. There are websites such asGroupn.com, that provides discount codes and coupons for a multitude of companies that are both online and physical stores. These companies provide Groupon.com with their current savings. Utilizing this you can save enough to allow you to spend more on your children. The adults are challenging because they often have what they want or they buy it when they want it. In the end, whatever you buy your family, feed them, or do with them will make them happy.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Useful Tips to Make Things Easier For Housewives This Christmas

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The name Christmas brings joy and happiness in the heart of all of us. But it also presents some trouble for the ones who have to manage and prepare everything during this festival. The housewives have to manage all the tasks. They are the ones who have to prepare food, decorate the house, decide gifts for kids and relatives, and try to make Christmas happy for all of the family members. Yes, they get a little help from the husbands and kids, but that doesn’t reduce their job to much extent.

Hence, this article brings a few useful tips for all the housewives in order to make things easier. 

1. Start planning early

Seems obvious, right?! But most of the housewives don’t realize the time until the festive day comes at the head. Then, the shopping, preparation, decorations, arrangements for the guests, all these things appear like impossible tasks to complete. Hence, it is better to start planning things a little early. You can start shopping for the decorative items and start making lists of all the food items that are necessary. Also, make sure that you add the contact details of the suppliers of the items in the list. This will allow you to gather all the items such as food products, decorative items, Christmas trees, and buy Christmas cake without any trouble. 

2. Prepare a budget

One other advantage of making lists of the items is the better understanding of the required budget. You can have a look at all the items and remove those which are not very important. This will allow you to reduce the amount of budget to a comfortable level. Now, you can move forward by keeping this budget in mind. But make sure that you have added all the items in the list, so that, the budget doesn’t get a sudden leap after some time. You can talk to your family members, especially kids to know their specific requirements. This will help you in preparing an overall budget for the festival. And try to stick to this budget if you don’t want to overspend. 

3. Take the advantage of the online platforms

The internet has given us all kinds of platforms to get whatever we want. There are plenty of websites offering products and services related to the Christmas gifts, decorative items, and cake delivery. You can search these services online to get all of the items within few minutes. But make sure that the platform is reputed and know for the reliable services. After all, you don’t want to wait for long for the items to reach home right!

4. Keep calm and enjoy

Among all the struggle of preparation and management, you shouldn’t forget the spirit of Christmas. Make sure you give yourself proper time to enjoy with your family and friends. The more you enjoy, the easier it gets to handle things.

So, reduce the stress level this season and get the maximum out of this Christmas. And yes, don’t forget to employ the mentioned tips for a better experience.